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💞 My BluePrint To Breast Cancer Remission💞

As a Breast Cancer survivor, I know what it feels like to not know what steps to take to make sure that I will have another day on this earth to see my mother's face, talk to my sisters and friends, and to feel love etc.  I know first hand how that feeling of uncertainty and the anxiety of trying to figure out and understand what I should really understand and what things were just in the noise.  My Blueprint is a documentation of the steps that I took based on my research and what I've learned from my doctors as I took on the battle to regain control of my health and my life.  I was determined to overcome this disease and I was determined to make sure it didn't come back.  My book outlines the things you should know as you overcome this devastating and traumatic life changing experience.

💞 Flavorful Organics 💞

Flavorful Organics is my cookbook. This is from my kitchen to yours.  I give recipes and things to know while you are eating to re-build your immune system and strength after dealing with the horrific breast cancer disease.  This book outline what I learned to stay cancer free.  I want to share with you what I learned so that you don't have to figure everything out from ground zero.  I am sharing my testimony with the world as GOD was so gracious to give me another shot at life.  I don't take this for granite.  I am truly sincere when I say I want to help you. I came  up with the idea of the MandyLashé Lifestyle Brand and the Open Hearts non-profit while I was home recovering from two (2) major surgeries and during my transit time from one doctor's appointment to the next.  I re-channelled my anxiety and evolving thoughts to focus on how I could help someone else  dealing with this to become a WINNER.  My ability to author these books is one of the ways that I am doing just that.  

💞 Recovery Journal To Remission 💞

When you are dealing with the initial discussion with your doctor about the diagnosis of breast cancer, it is likely that everything will shut down. If you are at all like me, you will need to process what the doctor has shared with you and then you will want to know "How did this happen" amongst several other questions that will be racing in your mind.  I didn't have any guides. I had to learn along the way what questions to ask and what doctors I should make sure that I scheduled an appointment with.  I wanted to understand all of the steps that I needed to take and I wanted to understand my options.  This journal is a guide book for You to help gauge your thoughts and questions. This book helps to take the guess work out of what steps you need to take while documenting your experience. It will be useful as you go through the recovery process.